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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Tanushree’s Reflection: Being patient with anger

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.   A Chinese Proverb

Anger concentrates the whole person into one point of thought and action. We forget and too often choose to forget what and who we are and what the impact will be of our anger. Anger can indeed inspire good action, but the humility to listen, to wait, to calm the seething can inspire even greater things. Road rage only puts everyone in danger. The patience of my generation seems to be fast going to zero. It’s when you can channel your anger into something creative that legitimate but dangerous emotions can be transformed. One of my friends paints when anger threatens to overwhelm life. Anger usually comes for a short time and tragically too often disrupts relationships nurtured over many years. Channel your anger into a passion for something good.  Balance. Civility. Charity. Life. This all has a lot to do with how your organization functions. This HBR article, Where You Sit Determines What You See, talks about the dangers of perceptual distortion and how to find shared understanding of a pressing problem. Patience leads to insight and peace.

Fairfield County Charity & Donor News

ELECTION DAY: So much comes down to this. Watch the voting live here.

HURRICANE SANDY: Philanthropy’s response to the crisis.

Donor Relations

GRAPHICS: Amazing new (still in beta) free online tool to turn your messages and charity information into instant artistic masterpieces!

Media Tips

ONLINE FUNDRAISING: Tips and Tools for Effective Fundraising Online

Social Media Tips

STORYTELLING: How superheroes teach the art of storytelling.

VIDEOS: What is the best length? Someone has done the analysis.

Patch Tips!

Charity Spring

See what more than 5,200 people around the world are reading at Charity Spring (live since October 4th). For many additional links to help you build financial support and awareness for your Fairfield County cause see the Charity Spring Patch Digest homepage. Please comment here to let us know what news and opportunities you want us to find for you or to simply let us know what you think.


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